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Rentals that are a class apart

Homes for Rent in Cleveland, Ohio

IIP Management is the road to the home you’ve always dreamt of. Our top-of-the-class renter services allow you to experience the joy of being in a home that feels like one.

Why do our Cleveland Renters Trust Us?

Think accelerated tenant screenings, regular maintenance, fair rental prices, and homes like no other.

Well-maintained Homes

Maintenance is the key to a happy home. With our high standards of upkeep and cleanliness, we have been leading the local rental market for years.

We diligently inspect the property and perform preventative maintenance to ensure that it is safe and habitable at all times.

Our team addresses the tenants’ maintenance requests and gets them resolved with the help of licensed contractors.

Fair And Speedy Screenings

IIP Management understands the pain of undergoing an inefficient screening process. Therefore, we facilitate fair, holistic, and speedy tenant screenings that give every applicant an equal chance.

Our professionals verify credit scores, eviction history, income, and identity proofs of the tenants as per Fair Housing Laws.

Move into your dream home sooner, with our accelerated and efficient tenant screening procedure.

Lease Comprehension

Tenants often find it challenging to comprehend the lease and figure out their exact responsibilities on their own.

This can give rise to unnecessary conflicts with the landlords, which may lead to dire circumstances, such as eviction.

At IIP Management, we assist the renters to understand the lease in detail and fulfill their responsibilities in time, to ensure a smooth rental experience for renters and landlords.


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